Abolitionist Ale Works … Brewery and an AirBnB

Abolitionist Ale Works is in Charles Town, West Virginia.  Located in the Eastern Panhandle of the State, it is very centrally located to Washington DC and other cities along the East Coast.  A little more than an hour drive from Washington DC and you will find yourself in Charles Town.  It’s a quaint small town that offers a lot of history and, of course, a great brewery.

The Brewery

Abolitionist Ale Works offers a dozen beers at any given time on tap.  Plus they offer local cider and a selection of wines.  They do ask if you are new to craft beer, to give them one sip before you order a wine.  Trust me, you will be hooked from that first sip.  Located at 129 W Washington Street, it is very easy to find.

They have ensured to keep the quirkiness of the building.  The initial entrance is to the bar area, but attached is another seating area.  But, my favorite part is the back patio area.  It’s a secluded piece of quiet off of the main street in Charles Town.  With outdoor seating and a great weather day, you may never want to leave.

The Beers

One of my very favorites is the Blue and Gold n Delicious.  It’s a summer saison brewed with wheat and oats and then fermented with blueberries and apples.  This is a light and easily drinkable beer.  My husband, who usually shys totally away from light beers actually enjoys this one.  He finds it refreshing and not too light.

Another favorite of mine is Wild Wit Wedding.  A wheat ale fermented with Wild West Virginia Yeast, tangerines, coriander and black peppercorns.  If you enjoy a wit, this a great beer for you to try.

They also carry ciders by Winchester Cider Works.  These ciders are local and offer not only flavors of the area, but really good ciders.  If you are in the mood for a cider, these won’t disappoint.

Part of the adventure of visiting is seeing what is on tap.  With twelve taps available, they do rotate with their beers and others from the area.

The Food

Abolitionist Ale Works offers a limited menu, but you will be thrilled with the options.  They serve personal pizzas on Naan bread.  I love the Fig & Pig.  With figs, goat cheese, bacon, and prosciutto, it pairs perfectly with a saison or witbier.  The Hot Hawaiian comes with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, pineapple and sriracha on top.  Again, I think a saison or witbier pairs great to cut the heat of the sriracha.

Abolitionist Ale works
The Fig & Pig
Abolitionist Ale Works
The Hot Hawaiian


I did mention the AirBnB … well, upstairs from the brewery they offer a two bedroom condo.  Which, comes with a free growler for a Thursday through Sunday stay.  Well, worth the trip out to Charles Town.  Come for the beer and then stay to explore the area.  You can check out nearby Harpers Ferry, which is full of history and recreation.  After a full day of exploring, head back to Abolitionist Ale Works, for a snack and beer.  Sounds like the perfect weekend trip to me… how about you?




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