I am a new craft beer convert.  Until recently I was a light lager kinda girl.  A cold Bud Light would be awesome.  My husband quickly embraced the craft beer craze and dragged me into it, kicking and screaming.  But, after drinking some really, really good beers, I am now a convert.   Now I travel the country and seek out new beers in the market and learn all about their story.  Travel with me as we explore this awesome new world of craft beer.   Along the way, I will share what I have learned, so you too, can feel confident when you order your next pint.  Understanding beer, the different styles and all that relates to beer will give you power.  In other words… Dominate What You Drink.

I will have links and ads throughout the blog that are company or product specific.  Some of the links are what’s called Affiliate Links.  If you click those links, I will receive a small commission should you choose to buy.  That money helps pay for my blog and let’s me continue to bring you great content.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at thebeermistress.com@gmail.com