Bell’s Oberon Ale it’s What I’m Drinking

My local haunt is on an IPA kick lately.  Most of the tap list is IPA’s.  I am hoping this is just a trend of the season… and not an indication of my future choices.  As you recall, I am not a true fan of IPA’s.  I am a lager kinda girl, so while my IPA loving husband is thrilled with all of his choices, I am not.  What on earth am I going to drink?  Do I try a cider?  Do I … gulp… drink bottled or canned beer?  Nope, I step out of my comfort zone and try a new beer.  Bell’s Oberon Ale.

The Beer

Oberon Ale is an American Wheat Ale style beer.  Fun fact… this is a seasonal beer offering by Bell’s Brewery.  Available only from late March through August (unless you live in Florida or Arizona where it is offered year round … guess that’s another reason to live in Florida).

Made only with four ingredients, it is a classic summer beer.  It does have a spicy hop character with mild fruit aromas, but no spices or fruit are added.  The hops used in the brewing process are Hersbrucker and Saaz.   These hops are used in brewing pilsners, lagers and wheat beers and have an earthy and citrus note.  The beer is light and has no bitter aftertaste.

Oberon Ale is not brewed with any orange peel, but at a lot of tap rooms and bars serve it with an orange slice.  This a light, easy drinking, wheat ale beer  and quite frankly, a really good beer.

Food Pairing Ideas

I love the Bell’s Brewery website.  Not only does it give suggested glasses to use (FYI – Spiegelau or a Wheat Glass) but it has recommended food pairings.

  • Savory – Ham, sushi, salads, mozzarella and young cheddar
  • Sweet – Watermelon, peaches, oranges, Orange Flan

In case you didn’t catch it, the pairings are our favorite spring and summer foods.  Light tasting beer with light foods – matching the intensity of the beer with the intensity of the foods.

The Brewery

Located in Michigan, the brewery has been an independent craft brewer for more than thirty years.  Larry Bell, founder, began the business as a brewery supply store.  Then evolved it into a brewery.  Today you can still buy supplies from Bell’s and they will even give you tips on how to homebrew a clone of your favorite Bell’s beer.


For the next few months, this will probably be my beer of choice.  Lucky for me it is on tap in most areas, but also in bottles for me to pick up at the store.  I see a warm, sunny summer afternoon with a cold glass of Oberon Ale in my very near future.  My husband can enjoy his IPAs… the Oberon Ale is all mine.

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