Big Timber Brewing Company is worth the trip to Elkins, WV

Big Timber Brewing Company is found in the quiet town of Elkins, West Virginia.  About 40 miles off of I-79 from Exit 99 it is a bit of a drive, but worth every single minute.

They don’t serve food, but they do serve awesome beer.  The space is small, with a large bar and several tables.  The decor certainly does remind you that the place is in the heart of Appalachia, with the timber columns, retro photos and laid back vibe.

Big Timber Brewing


Big Timber offers staple and seasonal brews.

Their Staples are:

  • Porter – chocolate and coffee notes
  • IPA- fresh and piney
  • Pale Ale – Floral and clean
  • Double Bit IPA – Bold and juicy
  • Blonde – Light and zesty
  • Logger Lager Pils – Noble and crisp


  • Wild and Wonderful Wet Hop – Lemondrop and earthy
  • Frost Notch – Smoky and malty
  • ForrestFest Octoberfest – Amber and toasty
  • Bourbon Barrel Porter – Boozy and complex
  • Sluice Dry Stout – Roasty and dark
  • Hatchet Session IPA – Bright and tropical

When you review the beers on their website you will notice they give you a lot of information to help you choose a beer.  Not only do they give you the IBU, but the Degrees Lovibond scale as well.  (A little more about that later, but feel free to read more here.).  So, as we have talked about before the IBU scale refers to the the bitterness of the beer.  The higher the number the more bitter.  But…. remember that is just a starting point.  Some beers may have a high IBU, but not be nearly as bitter as a beer with a lower IBU.  The bitterness is more tied to the type of hops used for brewing.

So, follow me here… the Blonde has an IBU of 17 and the Logger Lager has an IBU of 35.  But, I enjoy the Logger Lager more than the Blonde.  It all goes back to understanding styles of beer and being open to trying new flavors.  I find the Logger Lager crisp, bright and light while the Blonde is a little heavy and not as crisp.

Big Timber does offer flights.  You can choose from four different brews.  What I try to do is have my husband choose a different four and then we can taste a much larger variety.

My favorites?  I love the Logger Lager and the Pale Ale from the staples side.  On the seasonal side?  I really enjoy the ForestFest Octoberfest.

Visiting Elkins

If you are in the area, it’s an easy drive from I-79.  Making this a road trip?  Plan to come during Forest Festival events.  Beginning late September and running through first week of October the town of Elkins highlights the beauty of the mountains.  Late September each year is the Autumn Ales Craft Beer Festival too.

Not coming during the Festival?  There are several restaurants in town and nearby you can enjoy a hike on the many trails; including Dolly Sods.

The tap room is closed Mondays, but Tuesday through Friday they are open 4pm to 10pm, Saturdays’ noon to 10pm and Sunday’s 4pm to 8pm.  With those kind of hours, there is no excuse not to make the drive.

The Story

I enjoy learning the story behind the brewery.  Head Brewer and President, Matt, is from Elkins.  Born and raised.  He moved to Montanta and there met his wife Ashely.  His home brewing hobby led him to a job at Glacier Brewing in Polson, MT.  Matt and Ashely moved back to Elkins and launched Big Timber with the first keg being sold in 2014.  I encourage you to meet the Crew, via the website,  before you visit.  They are a really cool group of people.


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