Craft Beer Club – Is it Worth it?

I am trying to learn all about the different types of craft beers.  So, I thought the logical next step would be to join a craft beer club.  This is an online service that monthly will send you a sampling of craft beers.  The one I chose was  In addition to being a customer, I am also an affiliate.  Which means, if you click one of my links and then subscribe to the club, I will receive a small commission.  That commission helps me to bring you really great content.  But, let me walk you through what to expect and … is it worth joining.

What to Expect


Each month the shipment includes twelve beers.  Several times a year they will be in cans, but the majority of the time the beers are shipped in bottles.  The beers are chosen from breweries with limited distribution throughout the country.  Plus, each shipment will contain beers from breweries far apart.  So, a shipment won’t contain beers from one single state.  I found this really appealing.  The breweries are small and independent and probably ones I will not get an opportunity to try out for awhile.  But, being delivered to the door each month, I am guaranteed something new each month to try.

The monthly shipments will represent two breweries and four different beers (two from each brewery).  Not only will the breweries be different, but the style of beers will rotate as well.  I know, I can hear your first question… can I customize a shipment?  Well, you can.  Say you see what the initial shipment will be, you can call the company and request an exclusion from that month’s shipment.  But, I will state what also states, stretch your palate.  If you normally don’t drink IPAs, you may like one from a different brewery.  As they may put a totally different spin on the beer.

But, instead of requesting an exclusion, plan a beer tasting party each month with a group of friends.  I am sure you can find a few friends who would be willing to try different beers and let you know their thoughts. Plus, they will think you are really upscale with all of the really cool and different craft beers you will be serving.


The beers are shipped and set to arrive sometime around the latter half of each month.  They are shipped for free, but you will need to ensure an adult can sign for the package when it is delivered.  I chose to have the shipments sent to my office.  There is always someone there to sign for the package.  If that is not an option, find a neighbor or friend who can receive and sign for the shipment.


I signed up for the ongoing monthly subscription.  Because of that, I received coasters, a bottle opener and a free one-year subscription to Beer Connoisseur magazine.  It’s a very informative online magazine.  Plus, the Beer Connoisseur subscription gives me access to Beer School.  Very interesting classes are offered.  I have only watched the introduction, but the overview of the videos looks very appealing.  I will report back on those as I move through them.

My First Shipment

With much anticipation, I opened the box.  I found the two Micro Brew News articles.  These are included with each shipment.  It gives some background to the brewery and the beers in the shipment.  On the back is a recipe that will pair well with the beers and a little bit of trivia. For example, this month’s recipes are Wild Mushroom Risotto and Crispy Oven Baked Buffalo Wings.

craft beer club

Ale Asylum

Located in Madison, Wisconson, this brewery was founded in 2006.  Owners Otto Dilba and Dean Coffey were able to create a demand for their beer, so much so, they needed a much bigger space a few years after opening.  They moved into a larger building in 2012.  The new space gave them five times the brewing space and four times the production capacity.  Ale Asylum only adds four ingredients to their beers, water, malt (barley), hops and yeast.  They don’t add any additional spices, fruits or flavorings.

craft beer club

  • Madtown Nutbrown – an American Brown Ale.  This was my favorite in the shipment.  It has a unique blend of malts and has notes of caramel. A very smooth beer.
  • Velveteen Habit – IPA.  The brewery is known for its hoppy beers.  This really is no exception.  They use a blend of Cascade and Citra hops.  An interesting beer, especially if you like IPAs.
White Lion Brewing Company

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts and founded in 2014.  This is Springfield’s first brewery.  Owner Raymond Berry, Jr. sought out master brewer Mike Yates who has an impressive resume.  He has worked for Amherst Brewing Company and Berkshire Brewing Company.

craft beer club

  • Pale Ale – Smooth and dry but very loaded with hop flavor.
  • Insane Mane Red Ale – an American Amber Ale.  A medium bodied beer full of flavor.  They suggest pairing with your favorite beef dishes.  This was my second choice in the shipment.

What’s in Store Next Month?

I can’t wait to see what will be in the box next month.  So far, I can honestly say, joining the club was worth it.  If you want to try different beers from all across the country, I invite you to click the link and join today!

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