Dominate what you Drink

Wow, that’s quite the statement. Dominate what you drink. But, it’s true. Own it.

But why?

Here’s where my story starts.  I was a light lager kinda girl.  A cold Bud Light and I was fine.  Then my horizons were expanded when my husband began to get into craft beer.  When we would visit a tap room or brewery, he would order for me.  Now, I am not that independent that it bothers me he ordered my drinks, but I wanted to understand what we were drinking and why did I like some beers more than others.

Which brought me on this journey of learning all about beer.  Honestly, beer usually wasn’t my first choice of drink.  I am a wine drinker.  I love a glass filled with a crisp Pinot Grigio or a buttery Chardonnay.  But, breweries usually don’t serve wine and after tasting a few of the craft beers, I began to like them.

But How?

We are going to travel around and learn how to buy and taste beer together.  We will explore how different ingredients effect the taste.  Beer styles have different taste profiles and honestly, you probably won’t like every beer or beer style you try.  That’s ok, I don’t either.

This is going to be an exciting adventure.  Tag along and let’s learn how to order a beer, what kinds we like (and don’t like) and take away some of the mystery of the craft beer world.

Plus we will explore pairing beer with food and possibly some recipes using beer.  We want to move away from the traditional beer can chicken to more exotic ways to use beer.

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