Hangover Cures… Do they really work?

With age comes wisdom… one would hope.  But, unfortunately, I still go out and have a few too many and in the morning, I feel it.  I have my routines to help reduce the effects of a night of overdrinking, but I thought… there must be something better.  So, off into the internet I wandered.  What I found were very interesting hangover cures.


First, let’s explore the downright bizarre and wrong ideas. One article actually said, wait for it…. limit your intake.  Well, that’s a novel idea.  Most of the time, we don’t start off with, yeah, let’s have three too many so I can feel like crap in the morning.  I just shook my head at that one.

Here’s another odd one, have a drink in the morning.  You know, the old adage, “hair of the dog”?  Well, that’s just wrong.  The idea is to keep your alcohol level up to hold off the hangover.  Really, for goodness sakes, I might need to go to work.  Hungover I can work, drunk… well, I might be looking for a new job.

The worst idea I found?  Drink pickle juice.  Seriously?  I don’t drink pickle juice sober and the idea is it will make me feel better hungover?  Nope, not gonna happen.


A science article said to avoid drinks that had congeners.  This is a toxic chemical which is created as a by-product of the distilling process.  That’s the best way I can explain it.  But, drinks low in congeners are vodka, gin, and rum.  Those with high levels are tequila, whiskey, and cognac.  Here’s the thing, when you drink too many of anything, it’s going to cause a hangover.  Trust me, I have drunk a few too many gin and tonics, hell, I have drunk too many vodkas and whatever’s and still felt like crap in the morning.

Another suggestion was to eat a good breakfast.  Well, that’s fine if you plan to start drinking a lunch.  It’s a long time from breakfast to cocktail hour.  I think the point of the suggestion was food helps to maintain your blood sugar levels because low levels can contribute to some of those nasty hangover symptoms.

This idea leads to others related to food.  Some suggested no greasy food, while others were absolutely you must have a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  Another food idea was noodle soup, either the chicken or Ramen kind.  Here’s my take, greasy food is great while drunk.  The next morning, not so great.  So I agree, avoid greasy.

One of the new ideas out there are IV services.  You see them popping up in college and beach towns.  Most folks swear by this.  It quickly hydrates you and with the added “stuff” in the IV you can be feeling yourself in no time.  I personally have never tried this, and the thought of needles hungover, well I think I will pass on this one.

Best… for me

As for my routine.  I drink lots of water before crawling off to bed.  Should I forget, I usually bolt up at 3 am with an extreme case of dry mouth.  I wander to the kitchen and drink a nice big glass of water before stumbling on back to bed. In the morning the first thing I reach for is coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Somehow it settles me and makes me feel semi-human.  Then I address my nausea with plain food (remember not greasy).  My food choice?  Toast with peanut butter.  Then hopefully, if I have enough time, I can sit in my easy chair and let the caffeine from the coffee and the magical peanut butter and toast do their stuff.

What’s your go-to hangover cure?

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