Mountain State Brewing – Which Location will you Choose?

Mountain State Brewing is the largest and one of the oldest breweries in West Virginia.  Way back in 2005, step-brothers Brian Arnett and Willie Lehmann started the brewery in Thomas, West Virginia.  Today, there are three locations to choose from.

From the Beginning

Brian and Willie use the water from the top of the watershed, which they state makes the beer the best you can drink.  I have included their video which really tells their story far better than I can, but to summarize, they had a dream to brew great beer… and, I believe, have made that dream come true.

Sit down at either the bar or table and order a beer…  served in a Mason jar.   A nod to the owner’s country roots.  But, it is a true full pint and you won’t “hit your nose on the rim”.  They have created the perfect atmosphere at the locations.  Which is, you are enjoying conversation and great beer in your best friend’s basement.  The sawhorse bar stools help with creating the atmosphere too.  Watch the video to hear the back story to these!

They wanted to create “easy drinking well rounded session style ales” and I believe they have accomplished that.  Today, they are continuing to provide not only year round choices but seasonal favorites.  To keep up with the demand of their product, they have now planted a full acre of hops.  Both Cascade and Willamette are being grown on site.

The Beers

Well, isn’t this why we go to breweries?  The beer at Mountain State is well rounded and very easy to drink.  Back in the beginning they offered their beer to a few local restaurants in Thomas and I had an opportunity to try and develop a love for their beer early on.  But, I do have my favorites.

Year Round Beers

All throughout the year they offer:

  • Cold Trail Ale – an easy drinking American Blonde ale
  • Almost Heaven Amber Ale – one of my favorites, this beer has a smooth caramel finish
  • Seneca IPA – a highly hopped beer without a lingering bitter aftertaste
  • Miner’s Daughter Oatmeal Stout – a light bodied Coal black creamy smooth stout
Seasonal Beers
  • Dolly Suds Cranberry Wheat – another one of my favorites, this is a Belgium Wit style beer
  • Rumsey Rock Porter – a well hopped chocolate porter
  • Ol’ Red Irish Red Ale – a traditional Irish Red Ale
  • Homegrown Wet Hop IPA – uses locally grown hops that are not dried (this is known as the wet hop process)
  • Closs Harvest – this beer is brewed with pumpkins grown in Tucker County


Mountain State Brewing has three locations.

  • Thomas, WV
  • Deep Creek Lake, MD
  • Morgantown, WV

Each location offers a great menu of food choices.  I love the wood-fired flat bread pizza and salads.  The sandwiches are wonderful and very filling.  At the Morgantown location, stop by on any Friday and fill your growler for $10.  A great deal!

Overall, the beer at Mountain State Brewing is worth the drive to any of the locations.  Traveling through and can’t stop?  Fill up your growler or stop by any place selling beer (liquor or grocery stores) as their beers can be bought  by the six pack.  A six pack of Almost Heaven Amber is certainly a way into my heart… any day!

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