Which Beer is for Me?

That is indeed the question at hand.  Which beer is for me?  That really depends on a few things.  First, where are you drinking this beer?  Second, what do you normally drink? and Third, do you like beer?

Yep, a little basic here, but let’s start at the very beginning.  I am a converted craft beer drinker.  For most of my adult drinking life, I have been (and to some extent) and still remain, a Bud Light drinker.  My husband cringes at the thought of drinking Bud Light, but as I usually say, to eaches own.  But, my husband has a very interesting hobby, he loves craft beer.  That means, I tag along to all of the new breweries.  Which means, I have had to learn all about beer.

This hobby of his had made me learn all about beer.  More as self preservation than anything.  Let me explain.  When I first started to go to these crafter breweries, I had my husband order for me.  He would decide what I probably would like, based on my Bud Light palate.  But, I started to ask questions … like, why this beer and how did you know I might like this?

So, I learned what I liked.  I like lagers, pilsners, stouts and so much more.  What I don’t like… really hoppy beers.  I do drink some IPA’s but not my first choice.  Stick with me and you too will learn to figure out what you like and what you don’t.  This helps immensely when you are at a tap house, because the first question they always ask is… what do you normally like?  I you don’t know that, well… you can help them choose a great beer for you.

So on with the first question.  Where will you be drinking the beer?  If you are at a craft beer place, also known as a tap room, you will probably only have the option to drink that brewery’s beer.  Here you will look at the style (lager, IPA, pilsner, etc.)  The lager will be your lightest choice.  Usually crisp and clean tasting.  A pretty versatile and easy to drink beer.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a taste.  This is how you decide what you want and … everyone does it.  I personally like to drink 1/2 pints or sample sizes.  But, if you taste one you really, really like, feel free to order a full pint.

If you are drinking beer at the local bar, then you will have some more options.  More taps means more choices.  Most bars have the basics, Bud Light, Sam Adams, etc.  But, lately a lot of local bars are carrying a few local or regional craft beers.  The bartenders here usually will let you try a few samples; unless the place is really packed.  Here is where you have your fall back choice.  Mine?  You guessed it, Bud Light on draft.  Over time, you too will have your fall back choice.

This fall back choice is the answer to the second question.  What do you normally drink.  As I have mentioned, my fall back is usually Bud Light.  My husband’s fall back is the IPA on tap.  He likes the hoppy IPA beer style.  So, he knows if the style is an IPA, then he will probably enjoy a pint (or two).  Beer is a lot like wine.  After a few bottles, you figure out what kind, or style you like.  I know I like a Pino Grigio or Chardonnay versus any red wine available.  So, feel free to taste a few different styles and then you will know what you like and what you don’t.

Finally, we come to the last question.  Do you like beer?  I would assume you do since you are reading this blog.  But, if you are new beer and not quite sure, understand that not all beers taste the same.  Some are deep and rich with strong coffee and chocolate notes.  Others are light and crisp and refreshing.  While others can have a hoppy bite.  Try a few different styles and then if beers not for you… great!  A lot of the breweries and tap rooms offer wines too.  It’s all about experiencing the venues, the food and enjoying the company you are with.  It’s all about the journey!



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